Introduction to Weihai Key Laboratory of Fluorine and Silicon New Materials

In October 2017, Weihai Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology issued the document WeiKeGeZi [2017] No. 32 - ‘Notice on Issuing the Establishment Plan of Municipal Key Laboratory of Weihai City in 2017’, which specifies the establishment of ‘Key Laboratory of Fluorine and Silicon New Materials of Weihai City’ with Weihai Xinyuan Chemical Co. Ltd. as the supporting unit to establish ‘Weihai Key Laboratory of New Fluorine and Silicon Materials’.

The key laboratory of new fluorosilicone materials has a total building area of 5905m2, including R&D laboratory area of 1905m2 and pilot plant of 4000m2, and the research direction mainly includes: high temperature and oil resistant fluorosilicone compounding rubber and application; research on the key technology of high and low temperature resistant silicone rubber; research on the key technology of fluorosilicone oil capped with functional groups and copolymerised fluorosilicone oil, and its application. The research involves research and development, standard setting, small pilot, pilot and scale-up production, product performance testing, product mass production of various stages.

At present, the laboratory has 48 researchers, including 4 senior engineers, 16 intermediate engineers, and the technicians are specialised in chemical engineering, polymer, materials science, mechanical design and other disciplines, forming a technical team with domestic well-known experts as the core and young and middle-aged technicians as the backbone. The laboratory is equipped with more than 140 sets of advanced R & D testing equipment, which has reached the leading level in China compared with the industry, meeting the needs of the product development laboratory stage and ensuring the level of the whole process of R & D equipment.

Laboratory to increase the opening of experimental facilities and conditions, all for the sake of user needs, make full use of the existing experimental conditions and testing methods, to provide advanced technology, reliable data, for the construction of various types of innovation system of service network, and gradually form a shared, open service pattern of science and technology, and to do a good job of transforming the results of the innovative achievements in the service of the development of the national economy, and to achieve considerable economic benefits.

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