Application Guidelines for Key Laboratory Open Subjects






(i) Filing Procedures

1. Contact the laboratory and ask for the application form.

2. 于每年的7月1日前将申请email寄至, email subject: open subject application; at the same time, print out a copy of the application form and send it to the laboratory with the official seal of the unit for record.

3. The Academic Committee will be convened at the end of the year to evaluate the open topics;

4. the results of the open subject evaluation will be announced on the website of the Key Laboratory at that time.

(II) Management of Development Projects

Open topics are all aimed at researchers outside the Key Laboratory, and the Laboratory promotes substantive collaborative research between open topic applicants and Laboratory researchers.

According to the research content of the project, the funding for the project will be determined as personnel costs, equipment costs, material costs, accommodation costs, publication costs for papers in designated important international conferences and important international journals, etc., and will be used in accordance with the relevant financial system and management regulations of Weihai Xinyuan Chemical Co. The general term of open topics is two years, and the topics will be closed according to the closing objectives agreed in the revised application task statement.

1. The project funds shall be allocated in one time and in instalments, and the one-time allocation of project funds shall be made within 1~2 months after the approval of the project; the project funds shall be allocated in instalments, and the first allocation shall be made within one month after the approval of the project. For each year of the project, the person in charge of the project shall submit a progress report to the laboratory. The Academic Committee will decide the time and amount of the next allocation of funds based on the results of the review of the progress of the project. If there are other special circumstances, the allocation will be made according to the results of mutual consultation.

2. Scope of use of funding:

(1) Scientific research expenses directly related to the funded topics, including equipment, materials, testing and processing, fuel and power, etc.

(2) Travelling and accommodation expenses for researchers to come to the laboratory and appropriate living allowance.

3. Attribution of the results of the subject:

(1) Attribution of papers: the name of the Laboratory and the original unit of the guest researcher should be indicated when publishing papers or other theoretical results.

(2) Attribution of the results: the results of the funded subjects shall be determined according to the specific circumstances of obtaining the results, and in principle, they shall be shared by the Laboratory and the author's unit.

(3) The Director of the Laboratory regularly checks the progress of the open topics, including the plan and the use of funds. The Academic Committee of the Laboratory evaluates the level and results of the annual work report of each open topic. The applicant shall fill in the application form according to the prescribed format.

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