Independent scientific and technological innovation, relying on their own advantages, based on fluorosilicon high-tech products, to create their own fluorosilicon brand.

NFS-L-8400 series moulding liquid fluorosilicone rubber

NFS-L-8400 series two-component additive liquid fluoro-silicone rubber has excellent high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance, and electrical insulation, and can be used to make oil-resistant rubber products for the automotive industry, aerospace, electric power and electrical appliances, consumer electronics, and wearables.

NFS-L-8500 Fluorosilicone Coating Fluid

NFS-L-8500 Fluorosilicone Coating Liquid is an adhesive liquid fluorosilicone material with excellent adhesion, oil resistance, high and low temperature resistance and hydrophobicity, which can be used for bonding and surface modification of various substrates.

NFS-L-7435 Room temperature curing liquid fluorosilicone rubber

NFS-L-7435 Liquid Fluorosilicone Rubber has excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, oil resistance and electrical insulation, and can be cured at room temperature.

NFS-P-8040 Fluorosilicone Potting Adhesive

NFS-P-8040 Fluorosilicone Potting Adhesive is a polymer fine composite special potting material with excellent fluidity, high and low temperature resistance, and oil resistance, which can be used for pouring, covering and potting of all kinds of components, cables and so on.

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