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  • 新元化工三氟乙醇、三氟丙烯系列产品的主要生产基地


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China silicon industry market monitoring 2012.4.9-4.13


China silicon industry market monitoring 2012.4.9-4.13

Industry dynamics
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  Silicone / SILICONE this week, by the market continued to slump, the regional decline is obvious, most manufacturers inventory is abundant and other reasons, silicone DMC prices appeared 100-200 yuan / ton of a slight decline in the market downturn. Price quotations: DMC price of silicone in this week's highest offer in 17,000 yuan / ton, the market mainstream offer in 16,700-16,800 yuan / ton, 201 silicone oil domestic market mainstream offer in 18,800 yuan / ton, the mainstream transaction price in 11,8500 yuan / ton, 107 gum and raw gum prices remain stable, the highest price is 18,500 yuan / ton and 17,500 yuan / ton, the mainstream market The transaction price is 17800 yuan / ton and 17000 yuan / ton respectively. A week's review: Silicon Peak in Sichuan is said to have resumed production at the end of March, but people concerned report that the company will stop again soon after driving; Silicon Oil Dow Corning 201 is still hard to get even though its price has dropped, and needs to be booked at least three months in advance; Jiangxi Starfire is rumored to introduce new silica gel production equipment, as well as Congluo. Diya hired experts and planned to invest more than 4 billion yuan in the silicone sealant industry; Jinling, Shandong Province, although production has been suspended for a long time, but there are still some DMC sales in succession; Luxi Chemical Industry announced to abandon the second phase of 200,000 tons / year investment plan, in addition, it is understood that the majority of domestic manufacturers of various types of products in stock slightly larger than the previous stage, and started construction. The situation seems not to have been too big. Regional price declines: Sales departments of individual manufacturers said that due to less market application and other reasons, Hunan, Sichuan, Henan and other areas of the price decline is particularly significant, due to these areas less downstream manufacturers, while the distribution of a large number of cracking DMC manufacturers. Future market forecast: DMC, for example, the price of silicone will remain low in the latter period, the price reduction is expected to be in the range of 100-200 yuan / ton. The price of polysilicon/POLYSILICON has remained unchanged in the domestic market this week. The mainstream price of domestic polysilicon is still hovering between 180,000 and 200,000 yuan/ton. Imports of polycrystalline silicon slightly declined, the first-class silicon material quoted at 23-28 U.S. dollars / kg, the average price of 24.7 U.S. dollars / kg, down 4.08% from last week. The two grade silicon material is quoted at 21-23.5 US dollars / kg, the average price is 21.85 US dollars / kg, which is 3.32% lower than last week. Silicon network statistics, this week in the upper reaches of the Yellow River in Qinghai 2500 tons / year of polysilicon start-up normal, the company's polysilicon expansion project is actively preparing. Qinghai's silicon industry in Asia is producing normally, and the polysilicon price is quoted at 180 thousand -20 yuan / ton. Jiangxi Jingda Semiconductor overhaul is coming to an end, the company's responsible person disclosed that in April the company's polysilicon equipment will soon resume production. Shanxi Luan high-purity silicon Phase I polysilicon project is currently in commissioning, is expected to be officially put into production in the second and third quarters of this year. Sichuan Yongxiang polysilicon enters the maintenance period, and it is expected to resume normal production in mid May. Xinjiang TAC, Inner Mongolia Shenzhou silicon industry and Feng Wei silicon production are normal. There is no maintenance plan at present. The upstream trichlorosilane Market production and sales slump continued, in the opening of trichlorosilane manufacturers to maintain the minimum load, parking manufacturers temporarily no start-up plan. The main market price of domestic trichlorosilane Market is 4800-5300 yuan / ton. The price of the downstream silicon wafer runs smoothly, driven by the downstream demand chain, the market inquiry situation has improved and the transaction situation has improved. Silicon Network forecasts that the current price of polysilicon market is still fragile, enterprises will mainly overhaul, stop production enterprises have little intention to resume production. Metal silicon / SILICON METAL market continued to weaken this week, downstream purchasing wait-and-see atmosphere is stronger, the overall transaction price slightly down 100 - 200 yuan / ton. By the end of the weekend, the prices of metal and silicon in Huangpu Port were 553 # 12000-12200 yuan / ton, 441 # 12900-13200 yuan / ton, 2202 # 15200-15400 yuan / ton and 3303 # 13600-13800 yuan / ton. The transaction price of metallic silicon in Yunnan is 553 # 11800 - 12100 yuan / ton, 441 # 12700 - 12800 yuan / ton, 2202 # 15100 - 15200 yuan / ton, 3303 # 13100 - 13200 yuan / ton. Judging from the current situation, metal silicon prices continued to slow down. At this stage, most manufacturers are still producing at high electricity prices, high costs, depressed market, manufacturers are squeezed profits are few, many areas have been hanging upside down phenomenon. It is understood that some manufacturers in the flood season before the arrival of no more plans to open the plant, not open the factory is still watching the market trend. The photovoltaic industry is in a downturn, and the demand for chemical grade metal silicon is sluggish; metallurgical grade metal silicon is relatively better than high grade metal silicon, but the southern region will enter the flood season one after another, the downstream market inquiry pressure is more, some manufacturers can only reduce the price before the flood season arrival, the current market is completed. The exchange rate is generally lower than the market quotation. On the export side, inquiries from foreign purchasers increased slightly this week, but the actual deal remained sluggish, taking advantage of the weakness of the silicon market to drive down prices. Future market forecast: the current metal silicon price downward trend appears, the metal silicon market is expected to be weak in the short term oscillation operation, the latter price still has a downward trend. Silicon trichloride / TCS market on Wednesday is still cold, the mainstream price of domestic silicon trichloride market remains at 4800 - 5300 yuan / ton, most of the manufacturers are in low load driving, parking manufacturers are still waiting, lack of confidence in the future, no driving plan. Two of the market production and sales are not prosperous, which is difficult to alleviate in the short term. Shandong area, Shandong Xintai Liyuan trichlorosilane recovery production after the year, the production is normal. Shandong Xinlong trichlorosilane has entered the repair period recently. Three Fu trichlorosilane from Xin'an and Tangshan in Zhejiang is running at low load. Xuzhou long sky depends on the demand for energy trichlorosilane and keeps driving. Jingzhou Huaxiang and Jiangxi jiaxo new material trichlorosilane start up

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