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  • 新元化工三氟乙醇、三氟丙烯系列产品的主要生产基地


Trifluoropropylene, trifluoroethanol, fluorosilicone product, fluorosilicone modified coating, new product research and development

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Weihai Newera Chemical Co., Ltd. innovates and promotes transformation


Weihai Newera Chemical Co., Ltd. innovates and promotes transformation

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  Based on the R&D and production of fluorosilicon series products, Weihai Newera Chemical Co., Ltd. grasps the international advanced technology in time, strengthens and enlarges the main business in independent innovation, expands the industrial chain unceasingly, realizes the virtuous circle of "scientific research-development-product-market", and goes out of a development to seek innovation and promote innovation. The road of scientific transformation. "Organofluorosilicone products are important composites in the field of new materials in the world, widely used in aerospace, defense, military, automotive machinery and other high-end fields, with great market potential." Xie Lefu, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Weihai Newera Chemical Co., Ltd., told reporters that they aim at this new opportunity for the development of high-end industries, closely follow the international advanced level, actively participate in the domestic and foreign market competition, so that enterprises always stand on the technical commanding point. Since 2005, the company has been concentrating on the R&D and production of fluorosilicon products, and this is the main business of the company. Through the integration of production, learning and research, the company's economic benefits have been rising year by year, and become an important domestic production enterprise with trifluoride materials as the leading products. "The boat is small and good to turn around, but at the same time it is easier to capsize, so the development of enterprises must adhere to the step by step, steady and steady play, in order to sail in the wind and waves." Xie Lefu said that in the development of Xinyuan Chemical Industry, the company has always adhered to the high-end industry, product serialization and integration of production, learning and research, so that the company's industrial chain continues to extend. One of the characteristics of fluorosilicon series products is that they can be extended step by step, and each step is not only a terminal product, but also an indispensable raw material for the downward extension of the industrial chain. Over the years, with the help of its own raw materials, Xinyuan Chemical Industry has gradually formed two production chains, namely, HCFC 133a-trifluoroethanol-trifluoroethyl ester-fluorosilicone resin-fluorosilicone coating and tetrachloropropane-trifluoropropene-trifluoropropyl methyl cyclotrisiloxane-fluorosilicone rubber and fluorosilicone oil. Product serialization, downstream product refinement, upstream and downstream product one-stop production mode, annual production of 4,500 tons of fluorosilicon series products, annual sales of 30%, products are exported to the United States, the European Union, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions. On the basis of the two existing industrial chains, Newera Chemical Co., Ltd. started to develop new products in advance, to cultivate new economic growth points for enterprises, to further extend and broaden the industrial chain, and to win broader development space for enterprises. On the one hand, they are closely following the local high-tech leading enterprises to carry out industrial matching, planning to support carbon fiber enterprises with raw silk oils, and polymer lithium battery enterprises with electrolyte compounds, thus ending the situation that these enterprises can only import high-end matching products from Japan and the United States, forming a win-win cooperation with the surrounding enterprises. On the other hand, they are closely following the new growth point of high-end fluorosilicon coatings, together with Jinan University to develop new fluorosilicon coatings materials. The coating has obvious advantages in anti-corrosion, anti-aging and anti-sticking, as well as oil thinning and hydrophobic. It is widely used in the construction projects of Beichuan, Weihai, with an area of more than 100,000 square meters. The renovation project of Weihai Old Town has also applied a large number of fluorosilicon coating products of Xinyuan Chemical Industry, with the construction area of more than 5 million square meters. At present, Newera Chemical Industry is building a 10,000-ton fluorosilicon coating production line, they hope to continue to expand the scale of the industry, to promote enterprises to achieve the leap from quantity to quality.